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A quick guide to jewellery care.

Article: A quick guide to jewellery care.

A quick guide to jewellery care.

When you’ve invested into getting yourself a fine piece of jewellery it’s important to know how to properly care for your piece to ensure it stays beautiful for a lifetime. Solid gold and silver will stay beautiful WITH proper care. Here's a couple of quick tips to keep your treasured pieces looking shiny and lasting a lifetime:

1. Don’t forget to clean your jewellery! Dirt & oil buildup from lotions and perfumes can cause the metal to react and tarnish as well as blocking light coming through the stone making it way less sparkly! Do your ring justice by giving it some lovin once every few weeks. You can do this super easily at home using a soft toothbrush, some dish soap and luke warm water.

2. Know when to take your jewellery off! Are you spending a day in the garden it might be a good reason to take your rings off. A hard nock to the stone might cause it to chip, and getting caught in something might cause the prongs to break. Rings are generally very durable but keep in mind they are still very fragile and should be well cared and loved for.

It’s important to know that the metal will scratch no matter how much you care for your piece. It’s the charm with heirloom jewellery - every scratch is a part of the rings history and personally I think it gets more and more beautiful.

Let me know if you do these basic tips to make your jewellery last!


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